If you are interested in adopting one or more of my Kittens,
please be aware of the following:

All our Kittens are raised underfoot. They romp and play through the house,
sit on our laps, and snuggle in bed with us.
If the Mums are happy and healthy, then so will the kittens be.
I want my kittens to go to forever loving homes.

Persian cats need to be combed and brushed daily,
and some Persians also need their eyes cleaned daily and their litter box changed daily.
Persians should be bathed monthly, and toenails should be kept clipped.

There is a $250 NON REFUNDABLE Deposit required,
in order for me to hold the Kitten of your choice for you.


When Kittens are available for adoption, and displayed on this page,
they may be marked as follows:

AVAILABLE --- anyone interested may place a deposit to reserve the Kitten
(serious enquiries ONLY please!)

RESERVED --- I have received a deposit for this Kitten,
but if you are interested in this Kitten regardless,
then I can notify you in case the buyer changes their mind.

SALE PENDING --- I have spoken to a potential buyer,
but have not yet received a deposit.
All Kittens remain available, until a deposit is received.

SOLD --- I have received all monies from the buyer



- SOLD -



Pussyfoot Phoebe's Memento
- Staying at Pussyfoot -


Pussyfoot Cowboy Magic
- Staying at Pussyfoot -


Pussyfoot Tilly Rose
- Staying at Pussyfoot -








Pussyfoot Paint My World
Cream & White Boy
- SOLD -



Pussyfoot Show Bling Chic
- SOLD -


Pussyfoot Shades of Cream
Cream Classic Tabby
- SOLD -



The latest 2014 litter

Pictured at 8 weeks old

Pictured at 4 weeks old





Please check back frequently

for updates to this page.


Thank you!